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Oil and gas law may have suddenly become important to you if you received a bid for exploration or extraction on your property; or you may have been given no choice after receiving a condemnation notice. Is eminent domain inevitable in your case? How can you ensure that you are properly compensated for land seized for gas and oil purposes?

Turn to Kahle Law Office in Wheeling, West Virginia, to gain insights on how to protect your rights or resolve a dispute. At Kahle Law Office, our experienced gas and oil law attorneys have been helping landowners in West Virginia and Ohio address such challenges for years, with favorable results. While strictly avoiding conflicts of interest, we also represent developers and processors of oil and natural gas.

Shale, oil and natural gas all contribute a great deal to the economy of West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Responsible development of these resources is the key to protecting the rights of developers and landowners alike. Our law firm’s clients include developers and  landowners with concerns or disputes over many issues in the industry, primarily contracts and leases pertaining to mineral rights. Oil and gas law in West Virginia and Ohio can be complex, yet the related industries are essential to our states’ economies. In recent years, a new gas boom has come about through the extraction of natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shales in West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Horizontal drilling and other methods of obtaining, processing and selling gas and crude oil are going strong.

Our Experience Is A Reason To Entrust Oil And Gas Law Needs And Disputes To Kahle Law

Our attorneys’ years of experience in handling complex oil and gas-related matters have enabled our firm to build a strong reputation in this area of the law.

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