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Why Create An Estate Plan?

Many people think they do not need to create an estate plan until they are over a certain age or have a certain amount of assets. The truth is all adults should have some type of estate planning documents to protect their interests while they are alive as well as when they die.

The most basic estate plan will include legal documents such as a general or statutory power of attorney and living will, medical power of attorney, or a combined medical power of attorney and living will to protect your interests while you are alive as well as a will that includes your instructions on how you wish to distribute your assets when you die. Your estate plan may be a simple one or may also include a trust. There are many types of trusts that can be tailored to your family’s unique circumstances and future financial stability.

If you already have an estate plan, but have recently experienced a significant life change, such as divorce, marriage, birth of a child, home or land purchase or death of a spouse, updating your estate as soon as possible is crucial to safeguard your legacy.

Our attorneys here at the Kahle Law Office provide experienced legal counsel and practical advice for creating and updating your estate plan to protect your best interests. We can assist you with drafting and reviewing documents, including:

  • General or statutory power of attorney
  • Living will, medical power of attorney or combination of the two
  • Wills
  • Trusts

Our services include assisting you with transfers of real estate and assets into your trust as well as trust administration. Call 800-837-9507 today to schedule an appointment.

Experienced Probate And Estate Administration Advocacy

Along with grief following the death of a loved one, families are frequently confused about how to handle their loved one’s final affairs, even if a will or trust exists. Grief and confusion can quickly turn to anger and frustration when there are no estate planning documents or there is a problem with the will or trust.

Serving clients in northern West Virginia and east central Ohio, our highly experienced trial lawyers can provide the clear information, options and legal representation you need, including litigation if necessary, following the death of your loved one.

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Our attorneys care deeply about ensuring your peace of mind through careful estate planning and the settling of your loved one’s final estate administration. Call our office in Wheeling at 800-837-9507 or send us an email to schedule a consultation to learn more about our estate planning and administration services.